Unspoken Words

‘Lashes and leashes’ (the stage of acceptance)

I know that somewhere in this multiverse

we are riding waves like wild, Asian elephants

and our minds lock the way our fingers did.

Somewhere; I can try to love you (whatever

that means) without feeling the need

to break your will. A vicious trainer,

my tongue lashes imprint scars

on your skin, your brain.  That wouldn’t

be me. The universe is full of waves, my love

and I know you were never into science

and I don’t blame you, but the fact is

that the universe is still full of waves,

in and out of sync. Complimenting; amplifying

or conflicting; destroying each other.

This time we were the latter, sweetness and

god don’t get me wrong. I fucking

miss the sickly sweet ignorance that came with

the warmth of your skin and the pulsing waves

of light extinguishing, mind shattering

orgasms and I miss my room smelling

of sweat and femininity, but it’s time

to open the window.


I’ve thrown the leash in the sea now and

it curled like a snake for a little while.

We all deserve to be free.



Ruled by Neptune – #1 ‘Disaster at Noon’

As blank pages become full,

You fill the void. It’s cruel

not to let you bloom, so

I speak the words. Too soon?

I put my seatbelt on, ‘cause you’re

a wild typhoon and

the horn is not in tune

with the air around it to

sound a warning.

Disaster at noon.


So let me croon,

as maroon tears fill the pool;

the void, that is you.


Galloping to your front line; your end of the battlefield,

under a white flag,

I surrender.

Longing for peace – surely that’s the real victory?

Little did I know,

I was dying,


with an arrow in my heart.