Unspoken Words


Musky stench, fresh

out of your mouth is lost

in the drunken haze

of everyone around us.

Vaporised damp urine,

lingers on my cheap,

MissGuided crop top

and a vintage,

charity shop shirt.

I feel pulse pounding,

distant vibrations shoot

right down my spine and

as my lower back tingles,

I lose count

of the cigarette butts

I drop on the floor,

talking to you.



I howled at the moon

asking for you

but the lunar light has a tendency

to taint our vision,

revealing only what our hearts

want to see.

It plays with our brains

using a 3am thrill

and chokes us as we stare,

eyes wide,



The tape is replayed

again and again,

a carbon copy – less real each time.

The moon didn’t listen

to my howls.

No title

You want to change the world

so you search for solutions

full of desire passed on

to you from our ancestors.

You climb

every step – a human mistake;

human nature

hoping to catch up

and understand where we went wrong.

When did greed become the main

driver of our reality?


You dig,

and find stone-cold hearts

in the core of the Earth.

They were never meant to be found.

You dig,

you extend your arms trying

to reach the edges of the universe,

to comprehend.

It’s stretches you.

It’s stretches out your integrity and

one day you will snap

like a rubber band,

because you want to know it all

and change the world,

but you can’t

when what you seek to conquer

drives you.